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Gilda Badillo

Gilda’s philosophy is that one should do what they really like, where really like means like so much as to keep doing it all life long. Photography has always been her passion. She loves people, different cultures, different customs. Feelings, emotions, laughter and tears. She can find all of these in a wedding and much more! Many great friends and unforgettable days.

The tiny details, which are not visible at simple sight but which are perceived, make the huge difference. Her Wedding Photography style is creating artistic and sentimental images. Her specialty is catching candid moments in beautiful outdoor and indoor settings. In the daylight, she can capture the intensity of colours and the beauty of landscapes. At night, using out-of-camera lights, she can create the perfect drama atmosphere to take artistic pictures.

Photo + Video + Drone
Office +52 (624) 144-4227
Mobile +52 (624) 355- 3400
Skype: gildafoto
Los Cabos, Mexico.

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